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One of the conditions that Dr. Eric F. Stephens treats more than any other is pain. Dr. Stephens completed his doctoral degree with a  specialty in pain treatment, and is skilled at addressing both acute, of recent onset, and chronic pain, from a variety of sources, including:

•    mechanical injuries such as strain, sprain, auto accidents, sports injuries, repetitive strain form work or play;
•    inflammatory pain such as that from arthritis and immune disorders; 
•    neurologic pain such as tri-geminal neuralgia, sciatica, or numb/tingling sensations.

Whether it’s headaches, back, neck, hip, knee, shoulder wrist, hands feet or any other part that hurts, Dr. Stephens has likely seen it and treated it successfully. Dr. Stephens keeps up on new and innovative techniques in the acupuncture and Oriental medical treatment of pain through his attendance at continuing education workshops. He is a member of the Oregon Pain Society and frequently collaborates with other health care providers to help his patients achieve the best outcomes possible.


Bird by the Ocean

Womens Health

Many womens health disorders are very amenable to treatment using acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Conditions commonly treated by Dr. Stephens include menstrual pain and irregularity, pre-menstrual syndrome, fertility issues, pregnancy problems (including morning sickness), menopause problems, chronic urinary problems, and many others.


Organ Dysfunction

Many people have what are generally called functional disorders in Chinese medicine. These can include digestive concerns such as constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, or reflux. Dr. Stephens also enjoys helping people with respiratory problems. These can include sinus problems, asthma, and allergies. Skin problems such as dermatitis, hives, acne, and eczema can often be helped with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.


Sleep & Mood Disorders

Many people have trouble with insomnia of various types.  Acupuncture and herbs are often very helpful.  Minor anxiety and depression often respond favorably to treatment as well.


Immune Support

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are frequently used to boost the immune system. Dr Stephens frequently treats patients with frequent colds and other illnesses. Dr Stephens also has experience successfully treating more serious problems such as autoimmune disorders.


Well-Person Care

After experiencing the help they receive from Dr. Stephens' treatments, many patients elect to continue to receive periodic tune-ups at the Acupuncture Center of Portland. People tend to get out of balance periodically and regular well-care helps them feel their best.  People who come in for this service come in for a visit most typically once a month, but for some it may be every two or three months.  We regularly give our cars tune-ups.  Dr. Stephens believes we all deserve care at least as good as we give our cars.  Dr. Stephens has many people that have been seeing him regularly for this type of traditional care for many years, even decades, and they remark that their health is the envy of their friends.


Do you have a health concern that was not listed above? Please contact Dr. Stephens at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions - he is happy to discuss his experience and your unique health picture.