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New patients often ask me what a treatment is like, and how to prepare for a first appointment. This page will answer some questions that new patients have. I have written a short narrative about how a first visit with me often goes and it should give you an idea of how I work and what you may experience. You can access this narrative here.

Things to remember when coming for acupuncture:

  • Don't arrive for your appointment too hungry as this can lead to being light headed during your treatment.
  • Try not to have coffee or other strong stimulants shortly before your treatment as it may interfere with your ability to comfortably relax during treatment
  • Do not plan on doing a vigorous work-out after an acupuncture treatment.
  • Bring your calendar so that we may set up a follow-up appointment with you along with a method of payment
  • If you think you have insurance coverage you would like to use, bring your insurance card, present it along with your paperwork, and be prepared to pay your co-pay if I am in the preferred provider network for your insurance.
  • You may wish to fill-out your new patient paperwork before you arrive - see the link below for forms.
I hope to see you soon to assist you in feeling your best!